Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Use a remote control with your computer, view infrared signals on a logic analyzer, or capture and replay remote control buttons. USB Infrared Toy v2 has an improved IR transmitter and several new features. There`s lots of interesting infrared projects on the web. Serial port infrared PC remote control decoders have been popular for years, Ian pub

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lished a USB version at Hack a Day. The TV-B-Gone is a popular kit that turns most TVs off by transmitting POWER codes with infrared LEDs. The IR Toy combines all these projects into an upgradable USB dongle, with some extra functions, like a simple logic analyzer that visualizes remote control signals. The 28pin PIC 18F2550 with USB is back in IR Toy v2. This chip is used in lots of hobby projects that need USB, but it`s starting to show its age. 5volt parts like the 18F2550 are increasing in price, while the 3. 3volt versions with more features (18F25J50) keep getting cheaper. The PIC18F2550 has gone up about $1 since we started v1, it accounts for about 50% of the price increase in v2. Everything runs at 5volts, so power is taken directly from the USB port without regulation. A single power supply pin gets a 0. 1uF decoupling capacitor (C1). The USB features require a 20MHz external oscillator (Q1, C5, C6). The chip is initially programmed thorough a 5pin ICSP header. A 10K pull-up resistor (R1) and a diode (D1) on the MCLR pin protect the rest of the circuit from the 13volt signal used during programming. The USB transceiver has an internal 3. 3volt regulator that requires a 220nF (0. 22uF) external capacitor (C2). The extra capacitor footprint to use with 0. 1uF capacitors was removed. An infrared demodulator (RX1) decodes infrared remote control transmissions. The demodulator looks for a signal on a carrier wave and...

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