USB Interface Board Tutorial Using PIC18F4550

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This project demonstrates a computer control interface using a USB Board. (USB INTERFACE PROJECT). This tutorial will show you a simple way to control some device like led, motors and other devices with computer through a USB Board. The traditional way to control devices from a computer was to use a parallel printer port which is much more easy to

USB Interface Board Tutorial Using PIC18F4550
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implement than that of a USB PROJECT, but the only limitation with parallel printer port is that the latest computer does not comes with parallel printer port. So you can use this project as an alternative to a parallel port interface. pic18f4550 usb interface project is Human Interface Device (HID). This tutorial is not so difficult for a experienced person however I am also posting a step by step procedure for beginners. If you are an experienced person with microcontroller then all you need to do is to make the USB board Circuit and then burn the firmware into the microcontroller, with a microcontroller programmer and then install the drivers on your system, and finally launch the application after connecting the main board to the computer with a USB PORT. -Experienced personal can go to end of Interface Board link and can download everything at the end of that page. Beginners can follow this page and continue on for full description. - This project allows you to control some device with your computer on clicks of few buttons on a small application written in C# which communicates through the pic18f4550 microcontroller. But creating this board can be difficult for beginners and easy for experienced persons. In traditional parallel printer port interface project all you have to do is to connect few led`s across you parallel port (printer port) and code an application in Visual Basic or C# and you are done. But when it...

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