USB Mono FM Transmitter

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This small FM transmitter with a range of about 50 meters designed for connection to the USB port. With lots of mini-transmitters then you have a comprehensive, action-packed radio program. Due to the power supply via the USB port of a high frequency stability is achieved. Alternatively, the receiver, a battery 5 to 12 volts to operate. USB FM Transmitt

USB Mono FM Transmitter
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er Prototype It is not necessary to drill the transmitter PCB. All components will be soldered to the plate with their legs folded, like this: The transistor has a flat side, the LED a foot longer than the other is the anode (A), the other is the cathode (K). The audio cable (minijack) must be transformed from a stereo cable into a cable. Soldering together the white and red cables, leaving aside the yellow cable (mass). The frequency setting will be turning the variable capacitor gently with a screwdriver or thin cardboard but rigid.

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