USB li-ion charger revision

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

An year ago, I`ve shared a circuit of USB li-ion charger based on LM358opamp. The circuit had some problems as reported by commentators that inclide wrong direction of LEDs. Don`t post your email or phone number in the comment box. Only put email address in the email field. Comments are moderated so it may take time for them to appear on the site.

USB li-ion charger revision
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Offensive comments will be deleted. If this is a request for custom circuit, then use the wish a circuit form. I`ve built your circuit just as you show in your schematic, with the exception that I`m using a barrel jack connector, and a 5V switching power supply purchased from Sparkfun. com. When I test the voltage coming from the part of your circuit that you use to charge the battery, it`s reading 3. 77 Volts is this correct I had a dead` (measure 0V) Nokia 3. 6 battery and the circuit seemed to work. However, when trying to charge a newer Samsung 3. 7V, it doesn`t seem to work. When fully charged, the battery reads 3. 99V. I put it back in the phone until it was about 3/4 full which it then reads 3. 79V. When I connect it to the charger, it doesn`t seem to do anything. Is this because the charger is outputting less voltage (3. 77V) I would like to use full power of s8550, it means a 1, 5 ampere charging current. I have strong 5V power supply, which can deliver about 2A of current. How can I change Your schematic, to obtain current of 1 to 1, 5 ampere I need such a high current, to charge high capacity 18650 Li-Ion cells. Thanks in advance for Your reply. my output power was very low but when i removed LED 1 the voltage a lot more to what i would like. However i am only getting a 80mA out but i would like something a lot higher. I just have a question, i done this circuit on my breadboard, but my exit tension is something...

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