UTP cabel tester

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The UTP Cable Tester can be used for many purposes. Mainly to test a UTP network cables of course. However it can also be used to find the right cable in a large bundle of identical looking cables. In fact the circuit can be used or adapted to test any type of cable of any number of wires, provided that the tester is equipped with the appropriate connectors.

UTP cabel tester
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The UTP Cable Tester consists of 2 tiny boxes that have to be connected to each end of the cable under test. One of the boxes contains a signal generator, powered by a standard 9V battery. The other box contains 8 LEDs that indicate the cable`s condition. The principle of operation is very simple: A good cable will show a single walking light. However when the lights are lit out of order you`ll know that some wires have been switched in one or both of the connectors. If one or more lights don`t light you`ll know that one or more wires are cut. If two or more lights light up simultaneously you`ll know that two or more wires are shorted together. This is only a simple tester and therefore it can not detect separated pairs. Even if all pins are connected, showing the expected walking light pattern it does not automatically mean that the pairs are still pairs in the cable. Separating or mixing pairs will cause network problems on higher speeds and longer cables. The UTP tester will not indicate such fault conditions! Some network adapters and network switches have an auto polarity mode. This means that you may switch the white and coloured wires of a particular twisted pair without causing problems. A cable with wires 1 & 2 switched or 3 & 6 switched will indicate false on the UTP Cable Tester but might still function in some cases. It is not recommended to rely on the ability of the network adapter and network switch to sense...

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