Posted on Feb 5, 2014

These versions are the original UV-3R, the UV-100, UV-100 MKII, UV-200, UV-200 MKII, UV-3R MKII, UV-3R+, UV-5R, and the UV-5R Plus. KYD (China New Century (Quanzhou) Communication Electronics Co. , Ltd) also sell a version of the UV-100, UV-200, UV-300, UV-500, UV-600 and UV-5H as well as a range of waterproof handhelds. There are also some `badged` versions of the

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above available. The team that developed the UV-3R have started a revolution in ham radio. We now wait for the VHF/UHF mobile range to arrive (now arrived) and then the HF range (on its way!) see here FT-808 on You Tube. There are now many radios with variations on the "UV" theme. These include the Ronson UV-8R, Quansheng TG-UV2, Waccom UV-5R (WUV-5R) and UV-6R, etc, etc, etc. There are numerous versions of the UV-5R. If you want to know more about the UV-3R and to contribute to the understanding of how it works then I suggest you join the Yahoo group at Yahoo UV-3R Group In particular they maintain a very useful FAQ document which makes things a lot easier to understand. The remarkable UV-3R MKII transceivers have 3 main i. c`s (RX/TX, micro and FM radio) to provide a very low cost 2W dual band easy to use radio covering 136-174 and 400-470Mhz. They use the Fuji type NP60 (or Kodak Klic-5000 or Casio NP30) mobile phone battery so you do not have to buy any special spare batteries (some of the newer models use special batteries i. e. UV-3R+). The radio includes a dual band antenna for 2M and 70cms, charger and UK adapter, belt clip, manual, Li-on battery and charger cradle (although you should charge the battery in the radio and I don`t recommend you use the cradle). There are 99 memories configurable with TX/Rx Freqs, CTCSS, CDCSS, wide/narrow, hi/low power, etc which can be set through the keypad. Computer configuration...

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