Ultra-Simple Microphone Preamplifier

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This little project came about as a result of a design job for a client. One of the items needed was a mic preamp, and the project didn`t warrant a design such as the P66 preamp, since it is intended for basic PA only. Since mic preamps are needed by people for all manner of projects, this little board may be just what`s needed for interfacing a b

Ultra-Simple Microphone Preamplifier
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alanced microphone with PC sound cards or other gear. Unlike most of my boards, this one is double-sided. I normally avoid double-sided PCBs for projects because rework by those inexperienced in working with them will almost certainly damage the board beyond repair. I consider this not to be an issue with this preamp, because it is so simple. It is extremely difficult to make a mistake because of the simplicity. As you can see, the board uses a PCB mounted XLR connector and pot, so is a complete mic preamp, ready to go. Feel free to ignore the terminals marked SW1 (centred between the two electrolytic supply caps), as they are specific to my client`s needs and are not useful for most applications. The original use was to use them for a push-button switch that activated an audio switch via a PIC micro-controller. They are not shown on the schematic. The DC, GND and output terminals may be hard wired to the board, you may use PCB pins or a 10-way IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector) and ribbon cable. Power can be anything between +/-9V and +/-18V with an NE5532 opamp. The mic input is electronically balanced, and noise is quite low if you use the suggested opamp. Gain range is from about 12dB to 37dB as shown. It can be increased by reducing the value of R6, but this should not be necessary. Because anti-log pots are not available, the gain control is not especially linear, but unfortunately in this respect there is almost...

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