Ultra Small Mobile Phone Xenon Photoflash Capacitor Charger With IGBT Driver

The AAT1265 evaluation board provides a platform for the testing and evaluation of the AAT1265 low voltage 2MHz Step-up Regulator The evaluation board demonstrates suggested size and placement of external components to main- tain output voltage regulation for up to 250mA of output current. The external components are selected for small size to sui

t portable applications while the layout has been optimized to achieve high efficiency with the SC70JW-8 package. The design operates across an input voltage range of 0. 8V to VOUT. The AAT1265 EVAL demo board provides a 3. 3V output at 250mA maximum output current for a dual AA cell input. This document provides details on the operation and testing of the AAT1265 evaluation board. AAT1265IJS Low Voltage 2MHz Step-up Converter

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