Ultrasonic Wave Receiver Circuit Schematic Diagram

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Ultrasonic recipients will receive an ultrasonic signal emitted by an ultrasonic transmitter in accordance with the characteristic frequency. Received signal is going through the process of filtering using the frequency band pass filter circuit, with a frequency value that is passed has been determined. Then the output signal will be amplified and

Ultrasonic Wave Receiver Circuit Schematic Diagram
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passed to the comparator circuit (comparator) with a reference voltage determined based on the amplifier output voltage when the distance between the sensor mini vehicles with bulkhead / retaining walls to reach the minimum distance for the turn direction. Comparator output can be considered under these conditions is high (logic `1 `), while longer distances are low (logica`0`). Binary logics are then forwarded to the circuit controller (microcontroller). So when there is an ultrasonic signal into the circuit, then the comparator will issue a logic low (0V), which will then be processed by the microcontroller to calculate the distance. You are reading the Circuits of Ultrasonic Wave Receiver Circuit And this circuit permalink url it is

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