Ultrasonic anemometer Ultrasonic wind sensor

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This ultrasonic anemometer serves for the 2-dimensional capture of the horizontal components of the wind speed and the wind direction as well as the virtual temperature. On account of the high measuring rate this device is suited very well to capture gusts and peak value measurement without sluggishness. The accessible exactness with the measureme

Ultrasonic anemometer Ultrasonic wind sensor
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nt of the air temperature (virtual temperature) partially excels those of the classical procedures with which temperature measuring feelers are used in a weather and radiation protection. The measuring values are provided as a data telegrams above a serial interface. The sensors and the device body are heated in frost. Therefore the function is also guaranteed with snowfall and ice rain, as well as the possibility of an ice formation is prevented to a great extent. This ultrasonic anemometer consists of 4 ultrasonic converters forming two measuring directions orthogonal to each other. The distance is approx. 21 cm. The converters function as a sonic transmitter as well as a sonic receiver. With the start of a measurement a sequence of four single measurements starts in all 4 directions of the measuring distances. The measuring directions (sound propagation directions) proceed rotary. From four single measurements into each direction one wind vector is formed and used to the further calculation. The required time for a measuring sequence is 10 milliseconds. Even if on this side the time measurement of a short sound impulse appears over and over again, actually, it is a phase measurement with post regular assignment of the absolute phase by time measurement. The phase is won by a measurement of several zero passageways of the receipt signal in the area of large amplitude after arrival of the signal. Rushing and a possible...

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