Ultrasonic parking sonar circuit design project

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

A very simple ultrasonic parking sonar electronic project can be designed using this schematic circuit. This ultrasonic parking sonar electronic project has an adjustable detection range from 5 cm up to 1. 5 meters and a detection angle of 5 degrees. This ultrasonic parking circuit has a transmitter frequency of 45kHz and require a dc power suppl

Ultrasonic parking sonar circuit design project
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

y circuit that can provide a output voltage between 10 and 15 volts at 16 mA output current (consumption current). The circuit is activated as soon as the gear is shifted in reverse (this is marked by a `bip` tone) and will detect any obstacle within the range of the sensors, the detection distance ( sensitivity) being adjusted by means of the trimmer RV1. A distance of approx. 25 to 30cm from the backside of the car seems to be a value of practical use. Components required by this circuit are : R1 : 10M, R2 : 22K, R3, R4: 27K, R5 : 47, R6, R13 : 10K, R7, R8, R9, R10 : 15K, R11, R12 : 1K, R14:270K, D1, D2, D3, D4: 1N4148, D5 : 1N4007, C1, C2: 12pF, C3 : 22nF, C4, C7, C8: 10nF, C5, C9: 100nF, C6 : 470 µF, C10 : 10 µF, C11 : 100 µF, RV1 : 470K, IC1 : CD4060, IC2 : CD4020, IC3 : CD4068, IC4 : CD4093, IC5 : CD4049, IC6 : TL074, T1: BC547, SENS 1 :MA40A5S, SENS 2 :MA40A5R.

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