Upgrade your RC Transmitter with a DIY Tilt Motion Control Module

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The RC transmitter uses a potentiometer for each axis, it acts as a voltage divider sending a voltage of 0. 5V (the middle position corresponds to 2. 5V) to the analog input that is converted into a pule of 1. 2ms that is sent over RF. This module converts (amplifies and shifts) the accelerometer analog output, usually 1. 65 +/- 0. 4V to the same rang

Upgrade your RC Transmitter with a DIY Tilt Motion Control Module
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e of the potentiometer and sends it to the transmitter instead. An op-amp in an inverting amplifier configuration is used. Vref is set manually by tuning the output to be 2. 5V (or the PWM pulse to be 1. 5 ms). However it is possible to calculate the theoretical value as follows: Note that according to the rules of a feedback op-amp the voltage on it`s inverting/non-inverting terminals tends to equalize so V(+) = V(-) and in our case = Vref. Well, this is the theoretical value, in practice we adjust the trimmer R3 until the output is 2. 5 while the accelerometer is in laying in horizontal position (has an output of 1. 65V). To build use a small proto-board following schematic. Part numbers are mentioned on schematic. Hook-up with the transmitter is described in images below and on the schematic. For accelerometer use Acc_Gyro or similar module, or build your own accelerometer break-out board. The module is mounted in a free space under antenna using double-sided foam tape best way to mount an accelerometer to avoid vibration. Note that we get +5V power for the module from the potentiometer contacts. You can test with a led that the power contacts can deliver at least 20mV, the module uses far less <5mA. Here is a close-up of the module, as you can see I did my own accelerometer break-out board, but you can buy a pre-assembled one, there are many choices. You will need an analog accelerometer for this project.

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