Urban Sensing Networks using Arduino

Often government data sets available to us online are taken from major nearby metropolitan areas or infrastructural centers. With an easy to follow introduction to new softwares and technologies the urban sensor kit  allows anyone to obtain location specific information and share that information with a growing community of designers, researcher

s, and many others. This urban sensor kit is designed to create a user controlled community that, together will be able to form a large global network towards the future sustainable urban and architectural design. This Instructable is aimed to help you create your own urban sensor kit  that will be able to collect, record, and share accurate and up-to-date locational information, creating the most precise and site specific data sets available. This project will allow you to hook up your own humidity, temperature and photocell sensor at home to host a webpage shared between the rest of the network. The webpage contains stored data collected from each user and displays information on sensor`s history and activity in graph forms in a Pachube feed. Now you too can contribute towards our urban network!

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