Using C-52 EVB for simple robot experiments

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Basic circuit of using L293 formsan H-Bridge Driver is shown in Figure 1. As shown for such inductive loadas DC motor, external diodes for suppressing back EMF must be connected. The MiniBoard uses L293D instead, the L293D has internal diodes, howeverproviding a bit less driving capacity, i. e. , 600mA @4. 5V-36V. From thetruth table, we see that dire

Using C-52 EVB for simple robot experiments
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ction of the motor can control by pin C andD. VINH enable/disable power to the motor, thus for speed regulation, wethen use this pin for PWM signaling. See details, L293. pdf data sheet. A circuit connecting C-52 P1 to L293 driver chip is shown in Figure2. As shown Enable pin 1 connected to P1. 0 is for PWM signaling. We useadditional inverter at pin7 and pin 15 to provide proper logic for easydirectional control. Please note that pin 4, 5, 12, 13 are tied to groundand if heat sinking needed, one method is to make a large area of PCB orsoldering it with a metal sheet, say. Figure 2: Connecting C-52 EVB P1. 4-P1. 7 to L293. External diodes must be connected for L293(not shown in circuit diagram). My latest design put additional inverter forPWM signal at pin 1 and pin 9 to prevent full power delivering to DC motorswhen resetting the 89C52(i. e. , all bits of P1 is logic high). Check thelogic of PWM pins for another microcontrollers. Since there`s no ADC for 89C52 chip, each competitor may build theirown Line Tracking Sensor, some may use LM339 QUAD comparator with IR transmitterand receiver, some may use LDR as described in LineFollower Robot. With an external comparator, it may not necessaryto have ADC, but with LDR, we need external ADC. " Having additional ADCfor 89C52 would be better", I thought. How can we provide ADC for 89C52with a cheap method I chose PIC16C711 with 4-channel ADC, and 7-pin inputport. Interfacing to...

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