Using LVDS serializer/deserializer devicesm

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) interface is a digital video signal transmission vehicle of the most effective interface, it is to send digital audio data stream of low-cost program. This article describes how the use of Maxim Integrated Products Inc. (Maxim) The MAX9205/MAX9206 10 bit LVDS serializer / deserializer (SerDes), through the STP cable to

Using LVDS serializer/deserializer devicesm
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send up to four I2S audio data streams. Domain audio signal in analog and digital domains will reduce the quality of each conversion, so as far as possible for the audio data in digital form to get the best sound quality is very important. Transmission-oriented media system (MOST) bus for audio data transmission and vehicle design, but more expensive to implement, andfor most applications. For consumer audio equipment, generally use S / PDIF (by SONY and PHILIPS companies co-developed a digital audio output interface) to compressed audio data transmitted from an audio device to another audio device. However, S / PDIF not be sufficient bandwidth to send uncompressed format 5. 1 or 7. 1 digital audio, but also suitable for automotive applications, the lack of a proven, robust physical layer. The use of LVDS transmission of digital audio data is a robust, low-cost, high-bandwidth interface options that can easily be added to existing hardware, without affecting system resources. Is now available I2S digital audio data can be transferred to different parts of cars, but not actually on the software overhead. By maintaining the audio data in digital form, the system no longer require multiple ADC, DAC and cables, which saved the cost and board space can be used to achieve other functions. LVDS has been used to from the camera, DVD player and navigation system, video data sent to the vehicle routing in a variety of display...

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