V3.0 MS Build With Pics

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This one is V3. 0, for TII use, stock FC ignition, 24-2 style modified CAS, and 3-bar MAP sensor. It tests fine on the stim, so I`m hoping all is well. I`ll power up my test bench later, and test with an actual 24-2 style CAS just to be sure. All wiring is via DB-37, no extra connectors needed. This is my first V3.

V3.0 MS Build With Pics
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

0 build, although I`ve built several V2. 2 and earlier styles. V2. 2 is a much easier build, as the board is less populated, and pad spacing, particularly on the little NPN transistors, is much more generous. Those of you that have built V3. 0 units before, let me know if anything looks odd. The only modification made to the board is the addition of the three pull-up resistors (those brown `DALE` resistors seen running vertical in the first couple pics), and associated wiring to bring the ignition signals out the DB37. See attached pics for details. I used the prototype area as a pass-through, to get from the top to bottom side of the board, and ran the wires along the underside. The wiring should match the attached wiring schematic. Hey Renns, one thing you might want to be careful with using the 12-1 (24-2) setup, especially with the built-in VR sensor conditioner is noise. The missing tooth decoder is a lot more sensitive to noise so far in my experience (using 12-1 in my 20 valve 4age on the ae86, and from what people using it that way have been telling me about their setups). I`ve had to do a lot to clean up EMI on the signal wires, make extra sure my grounds are good, make sure my relay grounds for various relay-driven components are separate from my MS grounds, and I`ve had to tinker with the threshold Potentiometer on the MS. All that to get rid of a small amount of noise right at 6800-7000 rpms where the relay I`m...

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