VGA to video converter

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

I used the first circuit to generate the greyscale video, and mixed in the composite sync obtained from the second circuit, I had tried just mixing in the Hsync and Vsync as per the first circuit but couldn`t get this to sync the TV. The adapter itself is no use without a driver on the computer to force the VGA adapter to use PAL/NTSC timings, the

VGA to video converter
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

vgatv link explains the concept, but basically VGA is at a higher screen refresh than a tv signal, and needs to be slowed down to the right frequency. The driver above is out of date, but has the aforementioned circuit diagram in the help file. A newer version of the driver is available here there is also a windows driver available too. This driver works fine with my modified circuit, the video is only greyscale of course, for colour you`d need to build the complex circuit with ICs. The +ve PSU pin can be whatever voltage you have available, it definitely works with 5v and 12v, and I am currently using the adapter with a battery clip and 9v PP3 battery to avoid needing another PSU, if you were using the circuit on a PC all the time you could easily bring the 0 and 5v lines out from a spare plug on your computer power supply through one of the many dust collection holes PCs seem to have!

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Ola me llamo ronaiski    Jul 27, 2020

I am interested in building an audio video to signal converter, I am from Cuba, there are not many resources, tell me if you can help me in that, if it can be as simple as possible

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