Very high current power supply

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Sometimes you need a low voltage power supply of very high currents (hundreds of amperes) - whether for spot welding, heating or melting metals, starting the vehicle engine, or other physical experiments. Such a supply I have now decided to build. Given that I already have a switching power supply 3-60V 40A and 60A 56V power supply, so I desided t

Very high current power supply
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o build a switching inverter that which will change the DC voltage of up to 60V to a smaller voltage to approximately 12V at a higher current. I chose the topology of push-pull that uses a transformer with 5:1 ratio. Voltage regulation (if necessary) and current limit are provided by a source of input voltage. This switching inverter reduces the input voltage of approximately 5:1 ratio minus the lossed and voltage drops (diodes, MOSFETs, winding and conductors resistance), in practice it is up to 6:1. In almost the same rate, thw inverted increases the allowable current. For 40A input source you can get about 200 - 240A. The highest output voltage of this high current switching inverter is about 10-12V. The schematic diagram of the described switching inverter is shown below. Transformer Tr1 has primaries 5+5 turns and secondaries 1+1 turn. Switching is provided by 4 + 4 MOSFETs. I used IXFH50N20 type (50A, 200V, 45mR, Cg = 4400pF). You can use any voltage MOSFETs with Uds 200V (150V) and the least conductive resistance. The speed and smaller capacity (charge) of gate are also not bad. Secondary rectification is provided by two double Schottky diodes MBRP60035CTL (600A, 35V). Ferrite transformer Tr1 has the cross section about 15 x 15 mm. Inductor L1 is formed by 5 iron powder rings threaded on wires. Inductance, radiator and some other parts I got from some old inverter 56V / 5V (hundreds of A), that was used for...

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