Vibration Alarm Circuit

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This alarm can be very useful in a room or an area that should normally have no movement at all in it. In a totally still room with no movement, no vibration will be detected and the alarm will not go off. Once the circuit detects a vibration, which could represent that someone can entered the room or there is some type of movement disturbance, th

Vibration Alarm Circuit
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e alarm will be triggered. In our circuit, specifically, we will design it so that an LED will turn on and stay on once a vibration is detected. This will alert us that a vibration has been detected and someone has entered a room and is moving around in the vicinity of where the circuit is located. The piezo vibration sensor is from the company MEAS. It can be obtained from a number of online retailers for a very low price (under $5). Follow this link to the piezo sensor offered by Sparkfun- Sparkfun- Piezo vibration sensor. When there is a sufficient enough of a vibration, the vibration sensor will produce a spike in voltage in response. This voltage may be as high as G‚ ±90V. The voltage is an analog voltage. It is this voltage produced that can trigger on another device. In this circuit, we connect this output voltage to the analog pins 0 and 1 on the arduino board. When vibration is detected, the piezo sensor creates a voltage on the analog line. The arduino pins detect this and through our software, we can program it so that when this analog voltage is detected, the LED on digital pin 8 of the arduino turns on. Once the piezo vibration sensor senses a sufficient enough vibration, it produces a voltage in response to this movement. The voltage can be very large, but the arduino analog terminals have built-in resistance in order to attenuate this signal. So you don`t have to worry about this extremely large voltage...

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