Video Clock and Message Generator

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This circuit allows you to superimpose a title and/or the time and sate on an incoming video signal - very useful when editing video tapes. It`s also a good introduction to video signals and processing. The text that follows is from David`s article: With the proliferation of cheap CCD camera modules today it is now easier and cheaper than ever to set up your own video camera system. There are an endless number

Video Clock and Message Generator
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of applications such as security monitoring in a shop or other area, process monitoring in a factory or laboratory, amateur CCTV transmission, or even a fancy video doorbell to name just a few. Whilst it is all very well to be able to display and record a video signal from a camera, in many cases it is also necessary to know WHEN the image was recorded, which is essential for video security and other unattended applications. This is typically done by overlaying the time and date onto the video image itself. But how do you go about doing this, you can either purchase an expensive video switcher or VCR that has this facility built in, or you can build your own with the simple and low cost design to be described here! The following design is capable of overlaying the time and date onto any existing PAL (or optionally NTSC) composite video signal. It is housed in a very neat and compact standard moulded casing and has standard 75ohm RCA video inputs and outputs. A single +9V to +15V DC supply is used to power the device, which can be taken from an existing camera supply if desired. As a bonus the design is also capable of displaying a 10 character user defined text message along with the time and date. Two on board push buttons are used to set the time/date and text message, and a 3V lithium backup battery is provided on board to maintain the time and date in the absence of power. As you can see from the accompanying photos...

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