Vintage Remote TV-B-Gone Case Mod

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Here we show you how to hack a TV-B-Gone into the case of a vintage television remote control, such that the original on/off button instead activates the TV-B-Gone. We also modify the power supply so that it runs off of a regular 9 V battery, instead of a set of lithium coin cells. The TV-B-Gone, manufactured by Cornfield Electronics, is a hacker`

Vintage Remote TV-B-Gone Case Mod
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s delight: a simple, single purpose gizmo that`s easy to take apart. It`s a super-universal remote with a single purpose: turning off televisions. I got mine for $20 at Fry`s Electronics. I could have bought it elsewhere, but here`s the thing: Fry`s sells televisions! This is very important, because you can try before you buy. The TV-B-Gone is found in the toy section. Grab one off the rack, press the button, and it lights up a little blue LED so that you can see that the battery isn`t dead. Now carry it over to the section where they have rows and rows of televisions, and so that you can really test that it works. It`s amazing: You can get your money`s worth before you even buy it. The big chip is a Zilog ZLR32300 series processor; a programmable microcontroller designed specially for use in infrared remote controls. (Sheesh, these things are specialized!) There is also a crystal oscillator for the processor, a pushbutton switch trigger, a large infrared LED, a tiny blue LED that blinks along with the infrared LED, two drive transistors one for each LED, and three support resistors. The design is straightforward, clean, efficient, and provides easy access at all the right points for modification. Nice! There are three lithium batteries in the TV-B-Gone. The two thin lithium batteries on the top side (the side with all the components) are in series to give a total of 6 V. These provide the high-current drive for the...

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