Voltage Controlled Oscillator

I wish to control a DC motor speed for a 6 volt brush motor through a linear pot and also have that speed oscillate (throb) with the oscillation frequency controlled by a linear pot to have a complete cycle peak to peak of around 1 to 5 seconds. you can see the sine wave controlling the pulse frequency. The pulse frequency can be controlled

seperate to the sine wave by a pot while being driven by the sine wave. hope that ain`t confusing :P I have an issue. the circuit I created to produce this frankenstein thingy, roughly works but shifts the width of each pulse MARK relative to the volatge in the sine wave. . and here is the completed circuit and do excuse my layout. I did my best to make it easy to read. I think there is some stuff that is not needed and also think there is stuff I need :P I could not for the life of me use another 555 timer to get the effect I want, that of a shifting pulse frequency relative to a sinewave. So I used an OpAmp. If you have an alternative super simple method to have a pulse frequency shift relative to a sine wave without having the mark of each pulse peak shift it`s width relative to the voltage, I would love some thoughts.

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