Voltage follower

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Beware that not all transistors share the same terminal designations, or pinouts, even if they share the same physical appearance. This will dictate how you connect the transistorstogether and to other components, so be sure to check the manufacturer`s specifications (component datasheet), easily obtained from the manufacturer`s website.

Voltage follower
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Beware that it is possible for the transistor`s package and even the manufacturer`s datasheet to show incorrect terminal identification diagrams! Double-checking pin identities with your multimeter`s "diode check" function is highly recommended. For details on how to identify bipolar transistor terminals using a multimeter, consult chapter 4 of the Semiconductor volume (volume III) of this book series. Again, beware that the transistor you select for this experiment may not have the same terminal designations shown here, and so the breadboard layout shown in the illustration may not be correct for you. In my illustrations, I show all TO-92 package transistors with terminals labeled "CBE": Collector, Base, and Emitter, from left to right. This is correct for the model 2N2222 transistor and some others, but not for all; not even for all NPN-type transistors! As usual, check with the manufacturer for details on the particular component(s) you choose for a project. With bipolar junction transistors, it is easy enough to verify terminal assignments with a multimeter. The voltage follower is the safest and easiest transistor amplifier circuit to build. Its purpose is to provide approximately the same voltage to a load as what is input to the amplifier, but at a much greater current. In other words, it has no voltage gain, but it does have current gain. Note that the negative (-) side of the power supply is shown in the schematic...

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