Voltage to Frequency Converter Circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This voltage to frequency converter circuit has an oscillator that is voltage controlled and has a small, 0. 5% deviation. IC1 function as a multivibrator and produces rectangular impulses with equal width. The output frequency can be easily adjusted with the help of U1 voltage. D3 diode is required because we want to eliminate R4 and P1 influence.

Voltage to Frequency Converter Circuit
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D1 and D2 diodes produce a small flow of temperature. With P2 we adjust the offset voltage. Because of its high quality, this voltage-frequency converter (VCO) can be used in a large field of applications. Hi Jim, thanks for the reply. Though I am old, and been at this a while now, seems the math involved in electronics takes all the want to out of me on alot of projects. I get alot out of accomplishing working circuits, but the math has never been something that ever stuck with me, even with the use of calculators, I have to re-read the process over and over to formulate an anserw. I am trying to get a 2450Mhz circuit put together. My eyes suck, but have been trying to reverse engineer a salvaged Microwave oven circuit board to find out how to resonate an old M. O. T. for an exsperiment I am doing. I cannot tell on some of the boards I have if it is the Ic doing the oscillations or the pezio buzzer or some other HF switching triac Any Ideas All the salvaged boards, I have three  are from digital display and have dig processors on the same boards, so far I have found no switching transistors so I assume one of the IC chips involved is the VIBRATOR  Oscillator. Would this circuit with modifications to the RC or replaced with LC work Thanks again Jim, I am not wanting to build microwave oven or transmit a signal, I came to Mhz because of a video I saw. It required the same Hz as used for Microwave Ovens. I have alot of old...

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