Posted on Feb 6, 2014

If the instruments have power when you turn on the key, then I would check the neutral safety switch. Based on Standard Boat Wiring Colors, follow the yellow/red wire from the starter post on the key switch to the neutral safety switch in the shifter control. If you use a voltmeter or a test light, you will be able to find the problem. It may be

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something as simple as wiggle the shifter a little or replacing the starter solenoid. I have a two battery configuration where one is used for starting and the other is the house battery for electronics and the like. I have both boat batteries connected via a dual circuit marine battery switch (5511e) and both batteries are charged via isolated leads from the outboard since this outboard provides an accessory charging lead in addition to the primary lead to the starting circuit. The other day, I could not start the motor because of a discharged starting battery after the boat had sat for several days. I switched to the combine mode and the motor started. Ran all day with no issues. Two questions, please: Is there a problem with the boat battery wiring or charging circuit Will this circuit accommodate a battery charger if the boat battery switch is in the off position This is a great marine electrical system and the dual circuit PLUS battery switch is one of the key components. My best guess on the dead battery would be the device that is connected to the mystery red lead connected to your starting battery (at the switch). It is probably a stereo memory wire or some type of memory device. With the switch in the off position, you will need to use a dual output battery charger or manually connect your charger to one battery and then to the other. If you are installing a dual output charger, I strongly recommend connecting the...

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