Voyager MkII Page 1

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is one of the smallest and neatest FM transmitters to be presented as a construction project and it has the advantage of being available as a complete kit of parts. This will save going to a number of suppliers as no single supplier has all the necessary components. FM transmission is the best mode for transmitting a signal as it does not suf

Voyager MkII Page 1
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fer from interference such as electrical noise from car engines or electrical appliances etc. It also achieves the greatest range with the least power. With a 175cm (5ft 9in) (half-wave antenna) supplied in the kit, the range has been conservatively rated as 800 metres (2400ft) under normal working conditions. In many countries you must reduce the maximum range to 30ft (10metres) by cutting the antenna to 10 inches. If this is the case, you must abide by it. Some countries totally ban these brilliant devices. You need to find out the situation in your own locality. To introduce surface-mount technology to our range of projects, we have started with resistors. These are the easiest of the surface-mount components to identify and fit. Some of the other components such as capacitors and transistors are so small they are almost impossible to solder by hand and surface-mount capacitors are not marked in any way so they become easily mixed up if you are not very careful. The major difference is size and if you are having trouble soldering 1/4 watt resistors, you will have ten times more difficulty with surface mount. SM items are so small it takes the keenest eyesight to read the figures on the component and the nimblest of fingers to pick them up and place them. Nevertheless surface mount has arrived and is here to stay. Most modern designs already include surface mount components and many are already entirely surface mount....

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