Vu meter stereo circuit

This simple circuit is based on the well-known integrated circuit LM3915. The main characteristic of this integrated circuit is its power to manage 10 LED-s (Light Emitting Diodes) in logarithmic scale with a difference between the 3dB LED-s, which it can turn on the slash  or on the dot . The other integrated circuit, the CA3130 is in charge

of amplifying and rectifying the audio signal to the entrance of LM3915. To adjust the vu-meter to 0dB, we can download any free programme for Windows which will generate BF, , for example, which doesn`t even need to be installed. With the exit adjusted to 1000 Hz and 0dB in the sine  mode, we shall move the trimmer R1 until the seventh led of our assembly is lit on, and it will correspond with 0dB. If we wish the LED-s to turn on the slash , we`ll have to short-circuit the jumper of the circuit marked as B/P. When the jumper is open, the LED-s are lit on the dot , one by one.

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