WS2512 4 X 4 Power Amplifier Module

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

WSH412 is designed to integrate Hall Sensor with complementary output drivers and frequency generator together on the same chip, it is suitable for speed measurement, revolution counting, positioning, and DC brushless motors. It includes a temperature compensated voltage Regulator a Differential Amplifier a Hysteresis controller, two open-collecto

WS2512 4 X 4 Power Amplifier Module
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r output drivers capable of sinking 600mA current load and an open-collector frequency generator capable of sinking 10mA current load. An on-chip Protection Diode is implemented to prevent reverse power fault. And built-in thermal lock protection and auto-restart function is suitable for super high speed fan. It CAN replace the function of lock protection and auto restart function. The power will be shutdown automatically at 130C to prevent the coils be damaged and atuo-restart after cooling down. By Winson Semiconductor Corp.

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