Waterdrop device schematics

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The Uno has just sufficient memory and ports. You have to program this one efficient in case you want to store settings in memory etc. Buying the Mega gives you more memory and ports. The Shako valve uses 24 volts DC. I would prefer to use 12 volts because it doesn`t heat the voltage regulators that much, but 24 volts will do the job. The

Waterdrop device schematics
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Arduino cannot provide the power to activate the valve, therefore you need this electronic circuit: (check the connection pins of the TIP121 or compatible carefully. I don`t know if the pin numbers are correct in this drawing) Use 3 optocouplers oftype 4N25 or equalto trigger the flash and shutter. The benefits of an optocoupler is an optical isolation between the flash- and cameracircuits from the electronic part of the microcontroller. The schematic created for 1 flash and 1 camera. The shutter requires two optocouplers (1 for autofocus and 1 for shutter. Even when you don`t use autofocus. You have to imitate the functionality of the shutter button of your camera which is half way press = autofocus and full press is shutter. ) The other optocoupler is to trigger your external flash. In case you need more flashes, just extend the schematic. Remember keep the electronic circuits of the microcontroller and camera and flash seperated from each other (so do not connect the GND between Microcontroller and/or Camera and/or flash. Each optocoupler is connected to one digital pin on the arduino. Making the pin high will turn on a led inside the optocoupler which makes the optical transistor inside the optocoupler to switch. No other external power is necessary for the optocoupler to work. Build as many optocoupler circuits as devices (or switches) you need. An optocoupler can handle a very limited amount of current so don`t...

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