Waveform Generators Circuits

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Many applications require low-frequency signal generators that can deliver high-performance, high-resolution signals. This Design Idea presents a circuit that generates frequencies of 0 to 1 MHz. Sinusoidal, triangular, and square-wave outputs are available. You can achieve freq

Waveform Generators Circuits
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uency resolution of better than 0. DDS device produces sawtooth waveform : 07/10/03 EDN-Design Ideas / Ramp or sawtooth waveforms are useful for a broad range of applications, including automatic-test equipment, benchtest equipment, and actuator control. Discrete components typically set the waveform frequency. Unfortunately, drift in these component values over time and temperature limits the accuracy of the output frequency. Digital signal controls sine generator : 05/15/03 EDN-Design Ideas / The circuit of Figure 1 produces an accurate, variable-frequency sine wave for use as a general-purpose reference signal. It includes an eighth-order elliptic, switched-capacitor lowpass filter, IC3, which uses a 100-kHz square-wave clock signal that microcontroller IC2 generates. (Any other convenient square-wave source is also acceptable Digital Sine-Wave Generator Produces 0 ° To 360 ° Phase-Shifts : 12/04/00 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / Sine-wave generators with 0 ° to 360 ° phase-shifts are very important testing blocks in many systems involving DSP operations (i. e. , I/Q modulator-demodulator communication, phase-angle measurements and up-down counter conversion in. Parallel port controls arbitrary waveform generator : 06/13/2002 EDN - Design Ideas / You can use the parallel port of your PC and a few additional components to generate a powerful, easy-to-use arbitrary-waveform generator. By using a Visual Basic...

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