What kind of transistor do I need to amplify an Arduinos PWM outputs

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

30 incandescent lightbulbs be controlled by my arduino uno on 3 channels (10 bulbs to a channel in parallel). I`ve used the arduino before to control a number of red, green and blue LEDs - I used a simple schematic using three transistors. I`m just not sure which transistors to get this time considering I`m running the bulbs from 120vAC and not a smaller DC power supply. I`ve tried controlling just one incandescent

What kind of transistor do I need to amplify an Arduinos PWM outputs
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bulb with an MJE3055T transistor but all I was able to do was slightly dim the bulb, not turn it off completely. I doubt the power rating was enough, so I tried wiring two transistors together in a Darlington configuration without any luck, nothing happened at all. Neither link works for me. Also, if you are using AC to power the lamps, a simple transistor switch may not yield the best solution. B Pete Nov 4 `11 at 1:34 Can you provide an update on what you have learned so far so we can help you to achieve what you want to. There are good answers (apart from "Use LEDS" etc). We can help. we need to know which way you are going so far. Just pouring information into the void is not very productive. eg it IS possible to switch the lamp load that you specify using an Arduino and to do it safely and moderately cheaply. What are the lights going to be used to do Russell McMahon Nov 6 `11 at 19:02 What is the maximum rate that you wish to turn things on & off at eg is this to follow the beat of music or Disco or will no more than mains cycle time switching be OK This answer makes a major difference to which solutions are potentially suitable. Russell McMahon Nov 7 `11 at 16:24 The lights are going to be used in conjunction with an LED array I`m building in a live musical performance next spring. whataniceguitar Nov 7 `11 at 16:35 Your enthusiasm is commendable but you are trying to do something that is potentially lethal. Before...

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