White Light

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

White Light is an interactive sound and light installation. It is part sculpture, part musical instrument and part social exercise. White Light invites viewers to become part of a complex sound and light display by manipulating the controls on one of 3 control podiums spaced evenly around a glowing orb. As a viewer approaches a podium it begins em

 White Light
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itting an audio drone and the ball in the center illuminates. The viewer may manipulate a series of controls on the podium which alter the characteristics of the audio signal and light display. The brightness of the light is relative to the phase alignment of the two oscillators. When two oscillators are slightly detuned it creates a cyclically modulating phase alignment. This manifests as a modulating volume or in the case of the lights, a modulating brightness. The rate of the drone is relative to the detuning of the oscillators. The closer they are together, the slower the drone or pulse. Guitarists use this trick when tuning their strings. The same drone signal is used to generate the sound as well as the light. Each of the three podiums generates a different color in the sphere. Red, green and blue. The name White Light refers to the light generated by activating all three podiums at once, thus mixing red, green and blue light making white. White light only occurs when all three colors are at equal intensity. Due to the nature of the light modulation control, each color is constantly pulsing in and out. This means that the total color of the sphere modulates as each of the three colors combine at constantly changing intensities. The result is unpredictable and ever changing without ever being random. It`s similar to watching a flickering flame, simple but hypnotic. The second level of interaction is as a group....

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