Wireless Color Sensor

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Close to human perception and stable color sensing is an ubiquitous problem found in numerous disciplinces, e. g. , in machine vision for classification and recognition or in general intelligent systems, for instance for intelligent illumination systems in home or working environments. In particular for systems and applications of Ambient Intelligenc

Wireless Color Sensor
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e small, flexible, and preferably wireless modules and networks of such sensor modules are required. In this project, a wireless color sensor was developed based on MAZeT color sensors (MCS3AT, MCS3BT, MCSi) and MICA dot modules. An additional dot extension board and appropriate software was designed and implemented. The system was validated for typical color classification tasks, e. g. , for medical laboratory object recognition. Future work will consider the use of multiple wireless color-sensor modules as a component for intelligent illumination systems, both for machine vision as well as for home applications. The information conveyed by color is of significant interest in numerous application fields, ranging from machine vision applications for quality assurance as well as object segmentation, classification and general recognition tasks of intelligent engineering systems. For instance, the classification of medical objects displayed below, which has been pursued in a separate project activity, shows clearly the issue and benefit of color for the recognition process. For corresponding sensing activities, in particular, the stability or color constancy of the sensing element and module is decisive for the overall system performance. A common problem in machine vision is the aging of the applied light sources, which lead to a gradual degradation of system performance. A similar problem can arise for color sensors with...

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