Wolfstone Pyrotechnics

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Capacitor Discharge firing boxes are well suited to certain types of electric match ignition and ill suited for others. Experimenting with this technology can be fun and educational, but the cost of a commercial CD firing box can be prohibitive. CD circuits work by generating a high voltage, storing it for later in a capacitor, and discharging it

Wolfstone Pyrotechnics
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all at once. The high voltage is potentially dangerous and the sudden burst of energy from the capacitor is potentially lethal. The combination of high energy and sudden release thereof make CD circuits as tricky to handle as flash powder. Know and follow the precautions appropriate for high energy electronics. Once the strobe circuit board is exposed, it is easy to note stay away from the dangerous parts (all parts are dangerous). While the disposable camera is being dissected, take care that you don`t touch the circuitry by accident. It might be a good idea to wear rubber gloves during this process. Eye protection is a good idea, in case plastic parts or springs jump out. Avoid touching the flash lamp`s glass envelope with your hands. Skin oils will stay on the surface, trap energy, and cause hot spots that might cause the lamp to shatter. There are numerous manufacturers and models of disposable cameras. They are probably all convertible to CD firing boxes, differing only in the nature of the changes necessary to do the conversion. In order to be able to provide exact directions, this article deals with just one particular model, the "Kodak FunSaver 35 with flash". The camera is 120 mm wide, 55 mm tall, and 30 mm deep. The plastic body of the camera is boxy, with square edges. The body is enclosed in a cardboard box. It has a switch that you slide and hold to charge the flash. The article does not deal with the "Kodak...

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