Working Principle Television (TV)

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Before we study the working principles of a TV receiver, it is worth knowing a little about the journey of the object image that we usually see on TV. Images that we see is the production of a camera. The object image captured camera lens will be separated into 3 primary colors of red (Red), green (Green) and blue (Blue). Results will be emitted b

Working Principle Television (TV)
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y the TV transmitter (Transmitter) in the form cromynance signal, luminance signal and syncronisasi. Besides pictures, television transmitters also carry voice signals are transmitted along with the picture signal. Images transmitted by the system of amplitude modulation (AM), while the sound with a system of frequency modulation (FM). Both systems are used to avoid the noise (noise) and interference. The group assigned to the transmission frequency signal is called channel (channel). Each has a 6 MHz channel in one field frequencies (bands) are allocated to commercial television broadcasters, namely: This circuit consists of booster high frequency (HF amplifier), mixer (Mixer) and local oscillator. Tuning circuit functions to receive the incoming TV signal and convert it to IF frequency signal. The series serves as a signal booster up to 1000 times. The resulting output signal tuner (Tuner) is a weak signal and very dependent on the distance transmitter, receiver and landscape position. Red circle indicates that some of the IF circuit inside tuner. Functioning as a composite video signal detection that comes out of the picture IF amplifier. It also serves to muffle the sound signal which will result in poor image quality. AGC circuit serves to stabilize its own input television signal`s changing so that the output becomes constant. Red circle indicates the component that resides in some of AGC and some tuner IC. Stabilizer...

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