Worlds first Arduino flashlight ships soon

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Following a highly successful Kickstarter project and over a year of development, HexBright, billed by its creator as the world`s first open source Arduino flashlight,  is now in production with initial shipments planned for December. HexBright, which we discussed here in detail last year, is the brainchild of three-time Battlebots champion Chri

Worlds first Arduino flashlight ships soon
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stian Carlberg. It was launched as a Kickstarter project in May of 2011, with the objective of raising $31, 000. People loved the idea of an open source, Arduino-compatible programmable flashlight,  says Carlberg. In fact, the project`s openness ” on both the hardware and software sides ” generated so much excitement that it overran its funding goal by 700%, generating over $250, 000 in pledges within 45 days. I sat down and started designing a well engineered, powerful, and flexible light,  recalls Carlberg. But unlike a typical corporate R&D developer, he regularly shared his work and progress with the flashlight`s Kickstarter project`s avid followers through online video updates. The project`s backers ” people who wanted this new flashlight ” regularly commented on the updates, so I responded periodically with new video updates,  says Carlberg. Through this interaction, something unexpected happened: the Kickstarter crowd started contributing to the design. At first it was just ideas and suggestions, but then some people began contacting me directly offering their expertise.  With this project, we`ve seen more than just monetary crowd-funding,  observes Carlberg. We`re seeing crowd-development, too ” there`s a lot of valuable knowledge out there in human resources. A good idea can attract and harness that expertise.  Initially, the project team was just myself and Terry Cooke, but thanks to the power of online...

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