Two transistor oscillator generates pulses at about 500 Hz for step-up by 300-mA filament transformer T1 (Radio Shack 273-1384) to charge storage capacitors C2 and C3, which are 250-V electrolytics. Simultaneously, C4 is charged through R2. After allowing sufficient time for capacitors to charge, S1 is pressed to discharge C4 through 272-1146 flas

htube trigger transformer T2, which steps up voltage pulse to about 4000 V for ionizing gas in 272-1145 xenon flashtube FT1. C2 and C3 now discharge through ionized gas to produce brilliant flash of white light lasting only a few microseconds, as required for photography of objects moving at high speed. Circuit may require two cells in series for reliable operation. -F. M. Mims, "Transistor Projects, Vol. 3, " Radio Shack, Fort Worth, TX, 1975, p 49-60.

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