XR-8038 precision frequency generator

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The purpose of this project is to visually communicate the effects that frequencies have with each other. By expressing these frequencies into mirrors and magnets that have a laser beam shining across creates a visual representation of that electronics is about; math in motion. We wanted to have as much control of the math and add a little eye can

 XR-8038 precision frequency generator
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dy. The most common outputs are Lissajous in nature. A harmonic SIN wave `jous of equal frequencies produce a perfect circle. When you start multiplying and dividing frequencies on either of the two axies, bends and twists occur. Strange patterns evolve as various attributes to the respective wave shapes are altered. Many times these changes seemingly create 3 dimensional images. Streching it over the time it takes for the image to be produced one may say that creates a Z, or time, axis as well. These `wireframe` images are mathematical in nature so it may qualify as being Fractillian in nature. This is speculated becuase of the presence of `knots` in the overall image. A `knot` is a point or area in which the most mathematical changes happen. Or it could be defined as a stationary point or area where a visual radiance is sourced from. We accomplish this by using an ac signal (a frequency) controlling the horizontal and vertical sweep of a pair of magnetic salvos. These salvos (also called scanners or x/y plotters) are equiped with mirrors that move with the corrosponding frequency (or audio) signal. Projecting a laser beam into the mirrors creates Lissajous and Quaderature patterns across the room and onto the wall. Any frequency sourse can be used to drive these mirror sets, including audio. Interesting patterns can be generated with music controlling both axies. How about a steady frequency controlling horizontal...

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