Posted on Feb 5, 2014

I will be using the bike eventually for quite long trips, off roading at night and dual sport riding, so the bike needs good headlamps, indicators and an accessory socket. To this end, I fitted the bike with a 12v 10AH battery, on two custom lugs welded to the sub frame. The battery connects to the regulator rectifier green and black wires in place of the condenser up near the headstock. As far as I can tell so far, the battery

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charges from the alternator ok, as it hasn`t run flat yet. The stator is an upgraded 200w 3 phase one. The headlamp I am using is a trailtech x2, with separate lamps for main and dipped beam. I`m running a 50w dipped halogen, and an HID main beam, so I have a common ground for both wired to the battery negative, and the wires for HI and LO are wired through SPST relays running the positve direct to the battery. The relays are switched via the handlebar switch, so that the high current circuit for the lights is not part of the original wiring harness. To make the relays switch on or off, they needed a source of power from the headlight switch, and this source needed to be 12v dc and available when the bike was not running, so I took the White/Yellow wire that originally runs from the alternator, through the regulator, and into the handlebar switch, and disconnected it. I then spliced the wire from the switch into a +12v DC wire from the battery. This system in itself works, in that with the bike not running, I can turn the lights on, and selecting HI or LO on the switchgear triggers the relays, and changes the headlight beam. I have led indicators fitted, with the correct relay, and before I did any of this, and the headlight was powered by AC from the stator, the indicators worked perfectly. However once I had done all this, the indicators stopped working when the headlight was on. If i turned the headlight off with the...

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