Yaesu G-400 Antenna Rotator Controller

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A very simple controller circuit, with fairly smart performance! Can`t afford a fully automatic computer controlled rotator, but would like more capability from your basic rotator Would you like a simple to use `point and shoot` computer controlled antenna You`ve come to the right place! The ZL1BPU Rotator Controller has been designed as an add-on unit for the popular Kenpro

Yaesu G-400 Antenna Rotator Controller
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KR-400 and Yaesu G-400 rotators. The controller consists of a small circuit board which fits inside the rotator control box (see picture). With this unit the rotator gains automatic heading seeking, computer control, and even heading control by clicking on a map or selecting a country prefix! The ZL1BPU Rotator Controller should work with any rotator with AC motor drive and a 500 Ohm feedback pot, such as the CDR CD-44 and the HY-GAIN HAM IV. It will also operate with both North-centred and South-centred rotators, as only the PC software setting changes. Computer rotator controllers tend to be expensive - however you can build this one for under $50! The firmware supplied supports a rich specialized command set and also responds to SARTEC, ORION and YAESU commands, making it compatable with most popular multi-function logging and digital mode programs that feature rotor control. The controller could also form the basis of a self-contained replacement controller, for rotators with faulty or missing controllers. Just add the power supply circuitry shown in the G-400/KR-400 Rotator Schematic - all you really need is a 24V AC supply, a 6V DC supply, and a 70 - 100 uF AC motor capacitor. The small circuit board can be fitted inside the rotator control box, and operates from the controller`s power supply. No holes need be made in the box, and all modifications are internal and reversible if the need arises. There are only five...

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