ZAP Xebra circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

After charging the batteries for many hours with the 12V charger and PowerCheqs, I drove for about 5 miles and the low battery light came on. PakTrakr showed that the battery next to the most positive battery needed recharging. Apparent that battery is bad, although the battery tester did not show that a few weeks ago. The most positive battery also looks weak

ZAP Xebra circuit diagram
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by the PakTrakr. PD: Placing a switch in the white lead will prevent the PowerCheq from equalizing the batteries it will not however stop the quiescent current draw of the power supply. The supply is derived across the violet and yellow leads. Quiescent current is less than 5 mA so in order to remove 1 A-hr from your battery the PowerCheq would needs be connected for 200 hours a bit over 8 days. To completely disable this current draw one woul need to open the white and either the yellow or violet wire. Heard from Mark Higley that my charger had been delayed being sent back to me because of paper work. He got it straighten out and it is to be sent back to me tomorrow. Ran the charger several time, but it never showed that it finished charging. Instead several times it showed the error signal of 3 red flashes which means "Charge timeout caused by battery pack not reaching required voltage. Charger output was reduced due to high temperatures. " The solution given by the manual is "Check connections. Operate charger at a lower ambient temperature. " Th air temperature was about 45 degrees, the bed was up and the charger did not feel hot. The batteries seem to be fully charged showing, after the PowerCheqs did their equalizing, voltages of 13. 2-13. 3 volts. Installed 5 switches on the white wires of the 5 PowerCheqs. (Information from Power Design: "Placing a switch in the white lead will prevent the PowerCheq from equalizing...

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