ZMDIZSSC1856 double-channel intellectual battery manages the solution

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

ZSSC1856 of ZMDI Company is the double-channel ADC of integrating embedded MCU, made up of two chips, PQFN32 5x5mm capsulates. Basic chip SBC of the system Having included the high tension circuit, LIN transceiver and including the peripheral hardware, 18 ADCs, the numerical filtering inclusive really imitates the input stage. MCU chip includes

ZMDIZSSC1856 double-channel intellectual battery manages the solution
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MCU kernel, the memorizer and some peripheral hardware. The communication of MCU and SBC is dealt with by SPI interface. The normal modal electric current is 10mA-20mA, the low power consumption mode is smaller than 100uA, the intellectual battery mainly used in the car is measured, industry and medical application in need of accurate battery. This text has introduced ZSSC1856 key feature, the block-diagram, SBC digital part and MCU some block-diagrams and typical application circuit. The ZSSC1856 consists of two silicon dies in one package. The dies are assembled as stacked dies in a PQFN32 5x5mm package. The System Basis Chip SBC contains the high voltage circuits, the analog input stage including peripheral blocks, the ADCs, the digital filtering, and the LIN-transceiver. The microcontroller chip MCU contains the microcontroller core, memories, and some peripheral blocks. Communication between the MCU and the SBC is handled by an SPI interface. Internal nodes connecting the MCU and the SBC i. e. , TXD, RXD, IRQN, CSN, SPI_CLK, MOSI, MISO, MCU_CLK, MCU_RSTN, and RAM_PROTN are controlled by firmware. Users can access the internal nodes via the LIN interface and/or external JTAG pins i. e. , TDO, TDI, TRSTN, TMS, and TCK. One of the two input channels measures the battery current IBAT via the voltage drop at the external shunt resistor. The second channel measures the battery voltage VBAT and the temperature. An integrated...

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