ZX-Printer Service Manual

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This manual is for use by authorised Sinclair dealers. engineers and representatives as a guide to rectifying faults on the Sinclair ZX Printer. Repair/renewal procedures are limited to those which are specific to this printer; standard procedures for the renewal of electronic components etc. , are not included. NOTE: The printer uses electrosensit

ZX-Printer Service Manual
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ive paper, the grading and quality of which are critical if satisfactory operation of the printer is to be achieved. Only paper which is supplied and approved by Sinclair Research Ltd. , or their agents should be used. If adjustments are made in an attempt to make the printer function with other papers, excessive wear of the printer mechanism may result. 1. 1 The ZX Printer is designed for use with the Sinclair range of microcomputers, and provides a permanent record of any computer output which may be displayed on the TV screen. Because of graphic displays always `join up`, long programs, tables of results, elaborate patterns and graphs can be printed out as continuous records, even if carried out in several parts. 2. 1 The printing mechanism is unconventional, and consists of two styli which pass successively across the surface of the paper. Each pass represents one row of dots, and six rows of dots form the matrix for a single line of print. A moderate high voltage (5OV) is generated in the electronics within the printer, and is routed to a conductor strip in the top cover. 2. 2 Each stylus is hairpin-shaped so that one end passes over the surface of the paper whilst the other end contacts the conductor strip. thus carrying the current to the matallic coating of the paper. The return path is through the coating to the conductive rubber roller, which also feeds the paper through the printer, to the earth connections...

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