Zero Crossing Detector (ZCD): Comparator circuit using 741 op amp

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Zero crossing detector(ZCD) is a voltage comparator that switches the output between +Vsat and Vsat (Vsat: Saturation voltage almost equal to 14V) when the input crosses zero reference voltage. Then what is a comparator In simple words comparators are basic operational amplifier circuits that compare two voltages simultaneously and switches th

Zero Crossing Detector (ZCD): Comparator circuit using 741 op amp
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e output according to the comparison. We can say zero crossing detection circuit is a comparator example. We will discuss in detail about comparator in our upcoming articles. Inverting zero cross detector circuit schematic using op amp 741 IC is shown below along with working, input output wave forms. ZCD circuit can be used to check whether the op-amp is in good condition. Zero crossing detectors can be used as frequency counters and for switching purposes in power electronics circuits. ZCD is a basic op amp circuit.

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