ac I need help matching parts

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

I want to use a picMicro 5v microcontroller combined with the figure 10 circuit from Link1 (Shown below) and a circuit similar to Link2 for motor control. It has to control 2 AC motors at 4 amps each (but the programming will make sure only one motor can turn on at a time). I can`t afford SSR`s to handle that (according to digikey)

ac I need help matching parts
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so I`ll go with triacs instead. What parts do I need Long version: I`m building a new control board for a pop-up range hood. I plan on combining the figure 10 circuit from Link1 (transformerless power supply with safety considerations) with a phase control circuit similar to Link2. The actual parts from the phase control circuit won`t work, as my range hood states a usage of 4 amps. I don`t see how the blower can use that much, so I suspect it is a rating if both the blower and the lift are running at the same time, but I can`t say for sure, so each of my triacs have to be rated for 4A and I`ll just make sure by programming that they aren`t driven at the same time (and it will be fuse protected as well). One of the triacs (for the lift) will only be driven full-phase, while the blower will be driven at 3 speeds. I`ve done a lot of electrical work, so that`s not an issue, and the programming won`t be an issue, but I haven`t done much electronics work, so reading the numbers are actually giving me the most problems. I`m going to use one of the picMicro chips running at 5v. That means the output pins will be at 5v, right But the max gate voltage for any of the triacs on digikey are 2. 5v. Do I need a voltage dropper to get the output pin voltage to 2. 5v One of the triacs I`m considering is part L6004L3-ND at digikey. Digikey`s chart says it uses 3ma gate current, but am I reading the data sheet right that it could draw up to...

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