ac TRIAC dimmer circuit design help (resistive load)

Making a light-dimming control system for a 240V heat lamp dissipating around 250W. I need to adjust the heat output on the lamp by control from a microprocessor. I`m developing on an 8051-based SoC with RF circuitry and some sensors and actuators. Basically it`s a node in a wireless sensor network. I`ve left all other components out.
ac TRIAC dimmer circuit design help (resistive load) - schematic

I`m mostly a software guy, so I might need some help here. Pardon my lingo and if I raise fundamental questions, I don`t have a lot of experience with this. A max surge-current rating of 4A would leave some overhead I would assume, but I`m not sure how much I need. I am assuming a switch-on from cold could draw a lot of current - should I instrument to be sure I don`t have any data on the heat lamp other than its rated for 250W max.

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