amplifier electronic circuits audio amp schematics 170w lm4651 lm4652

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

IC LM4651 and LM4652 is a type of MOSFET ICs and power amplifiers include high-efficiency amplifier, suitable for self-powered speakers, a subwoofer and driver quality car. LM 4651 is a fully integrated conventional pulse width modulation (PWM) driver, contains undervoltage, short circuit, overmodulation. The maximum efficiency of this circuit is85% at 125W in standby

amplifier electronic circuits audio amp schematics 170w lm4651 lm4652
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attenuation of more than 100dB. For best performance needed Preamplifier suitable. Pre amplifier gain with the addition of the power stage can be greatly reduced to improve performance. The gain should be set to 10 V / V allows for lower profits in the Class D stage with a total system gain is high enough to be a solution. Input filter is used here does not seem improve THD performance but will help to maintain flat frequency response as the Q output of the filter changes with the light load impedance. LM 4652 is a fully integrated H-bridge MOSFET Power IC in a TO220 package. IC temperature sensors built in to remind LM4651 die when the temperature exceeds the threshold.

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