analog line follower robot

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Perhaps we often see robots line follower robot which is going to follow the line on the track. in general line follower robot is controlled by a microcontroller, but in this article online follower robots in the design without using the microcontroller. For that you should try to assemble his Line Follower Robot series consists of three main part

analog line follower robot
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s, namely the sensor circuit, a comparator (comparison) and a set of drivers work. The following is a schematic drawing line follower robot: Sensor used consists of photo diode. This sensor resistance value will decrease when exposed to light and work on riverse bias conditions. The light sensor is used for LED Superbright, this component has a very bright light, enough to supply the light for the photo diode. If the photo diode is not exposed to light, then the resistance will be large or can we assume infinite. So that current flows into the comparator is very small or can be assumed to be logic 0 if exposed to light photo diodes, photo diodes will act as a source of voltage and resistance will be small, so there will be currents flowing into the comparator and logic 1. The following is a schematic line follower robotimage sensor: Comparator in this circuit using the LM 324 IC that contains a series of Op Amp is used to compare the input from sensors. Where will compare the input from the Op Amp IC LM 324 is output to logic high. So no need to draw on the output. This IC can work on range 3 volts to 30 volts and can work with a normal starting voltage 6 volts. In this series there are also 4 LED, which serves as an indicator. To set the voltage in comparison, connected variable resistor (VR) between the two OP Amp IC LM 324. If no current flows from circuit to circuit sensor is input to the circuit voltage is 0 volts, so...

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