arduino based thermorbios weather station receiver

Have finished documenting/cleaning the code for my Jaycar el-cheapo Thermor/BIOS  branded wireless weather station receiver. The basis for the code comes from the Practical Arduino weather station receiver project. In the end all it took was a week of analysing the RF signal from the weather station using my soundcard and wasting countless hours decoding the packets! And a little determination. Receiving the signal i

s pretty straight forward an RF receiver is connected to pin 8 of the arduino via a 1k resistor, and an LED via a 330ohm resistor to pin 6. See the Practical Arduino schematic for more info it is essentially the same circuit, just minus the LED on pin 7. I have uploaded the sketch to github: for anyone else to try. There is a small to-do list for me to complete, but that can happen later.

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