arduino clock

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The Arduino displays the time and date on a LCD (optional) and in the Arduino IDE serial monitor window. A PCF8563 real time clock (RTC) IC is used to generate the time and date. The time and date can be set using the Arduino serial monitor window. An optional battery can be used to back up the time and date settings in the realtime clock chip so that the time and date are not lost if the

arduino clock
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Arduino power is unplugged. Preferably you should follow all the beginner tutorials in order, but as a minimum: if using a LCD display, complete Tutorial 12: Arduino LCD. You should know how to use an 8 pin IC, e. g. from tutorial 5. Two circuit diagrams are shown. The first shows only the RTC chip (PCF8563) connected to the Arduino. The second circuit diagram shows the optional battery backup added. To add the LCD, follow tutorial 12. First interface the PCF8563 to the Arduino as shown in the first circuit diagram above. The PCF8563 is packaged in an 8 pin DIP (Dual In-line Package). The circuit can then be tested using the Arduino IDE serial monitor window as explained in the sections below. The clock sketch is too long to list here, so download the clock. zip file that contains the Arduino sketch for this project. Copy the clock folder from the zipped file to your Arduino sketchbook folder. Alternatively, copy the text from the enclosed file and paste it into the Arduino IDE. Verify and upload the clock sketch to the Arduino. If a LCD is interfaced to the Arduino and the clock sketch is loaded, the time and date should be displayed on the LCD immediately. Open the Arduino serial monitor window to see the time and date displayed and updated every second. The time and date can be set as described below. When the Arduino serial monitor window is open, the time and date can be set by sending `s` to the Arduino. The image...

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